The People's Commission on Public Broadcasting and Media is a crowdfunded, people-powered review into the current state, and future prospects, of public interest broadcasting and media in Aotearoa New Zealand.

The project aims to understand New Zealanders’ hopes and aspirations for public media and broadcasting, and communicate those as policy recommendations to government.

We travelled the country to ask citizens, experts and industry insiders:

  • How do New Zealanders want media delivered today?

  • What international models could we learn from?

  • What content do New Zealanders most want and need?

  • Who should make the decisions about our media?

  • How do we fund public broadcasting and media? And should we?

Our ambition was to hold collaborative and participatory processes in community centres, cafés and town halls throughout the nation, to reimagine the future of public media.

This report is the result of that process.

Between February 19 - March 26 2017, ActionStation and the Better Public Media Trust (formerly Coalition for Better Broadcasting) joined forces with a diverse group of six industry experts:

  • Bill Ralston - Journalist and Broadcaster

  • Kay Ellmers - Producer and Director

  • Lance Wiggs - Investor and business writer

  • Lizzie Marvelly - Columnist, musician, blogger and social media campaign creator

  • Mark Jennings - Journalist, Producer and Consultant

  • Shamubeel Eaqub - Economist, Author and Commentator

And travelled to:

  • Wellington – Sunday 19th February at Meow Café, Edward Street

  • Dunedin – Sunday 26th February at Dunedin City Library

  • Tauranga – Sunday 5th March at Papamoa Community Centre

  • Christchurch – Sunday 12th March at XChc, 376 Wilsons Road

  • Nelson – Sunday 19th March at NMIT, 322 Hardy Street

  • Auckland – Wednesday 22nd March at AUT, Wellesley Street Campus

  • Auckland – Sunday 26th March at Mt Eden Normal Primary School Hall

To gather the views of members of the public, experts and industry insiders about how we can make Aotearoa’s media landscape better. Submissions were also collected on a custom-built website online.

In total:

  • 332 people attended the meetings

  • 208 written submissions were received

  • 24 experts presented at the meetings

With an inquisitive, innovative approach and research assistance from Dr Sylvia Nissen and Dr Michael Schraa, our panel have condensed the submissions and notes from the workshops into the following report and recommendations.

We ask politicians, government officials, and policy advisors to read the report and implement its recommendations. New Zealand public broadcasting and media needs to be upheld as the essential and valuable service it is.