"The quality of our media matters. We rely on it for information about our own affairs and about how external events impact on us. At its best, it should convey a sense of and reflect New Zealand’s identity in its many dimensions." - Rt. Hon. Helen Clark. 

The People's Commission on Public Broadcasting and Media is a crowdfunded, people-powered review into the current state, and future prospects, of public interest broadcasting and media in Aotearoa New Zealand.

The project aims to understand New Zealanders’ hopes and aspirations for public media and broadcasting, and communicate those as policy recommendations to government.

We travelled the country to ask citizens, experts and industry insiders:

  • How do New Zealanders want media delivered today?

  • What international models could we learn from?

  • What content do New Zealanders most want and need?

  • Who should make the decisions about our media?

  • How do we fund public broadcasting and media? And should we?

Our ambition was to hold collaborative and participatory processes in community centres, cafés and town halls throughout the nation, to reimagine the future of public media.

This website, and the associated People's Commission on Public Broadcasting and Media report [link] are the results of that process.

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